Take photos with the integrated camera and link to specific measured CAD points.


Record audio notes and link to measured CAD points in the 3D model.


Measure with millimeter precision time after time!


Ten years after the development of the first 3D laser measuring system that is today used worldwide, Flexijet GmbH has taken 3D measuring to a new level with the "Next Generation" Flexijet 3D Laser Measuring System. It still remains true to the original concept and methodology, but with some significant differences that incorporate more on board functions. Designed by an award winning automotive designer, the new Flexijet feels like a steering wheel in the hands of the user with easily accessible and user friendly buttons. Powerful functions under the hood further simplify the simultaneous site measuring and drawing. The most striking feature, the 7" touch screen with its pre-programmed CAD commands enables further efficiencies in measuring tasks. Individual measuring points in the CAD model which is simultaneously created during the measuring process, can now be linked to audio notes in order to record important details. The 5MP camera also makes it possible to record details at the construction site. The cross hair display (with parallax compensation) in the camera now also makes it possible to target points when environmental conditions make it difficult to see the laser dot. Communication between the hardware and the laptop is now achieved with the more reliable WiFi protocol. The device still retains its 8 hours of battery life (dependent on motor use). Like the previous version, the "Next Generation" Flexijet 3D can be operated manually or with the internal motor, and can automatically level itself.

Significant improvements to ergonomics and measurement efficiencies means that site measuring is even more easier and enjoyable. Enjoy all the existing features of the previous model Flexijet 3D PLUS the new smart design incorporates:

7" touch display with intuitive use of pre-configured CAD commands.

Integrated 5MP camera.

Create audio notes and link to your CAD measurement points.

Integrated laser distance meter.

Speed dial drawing command selector.

Flexijet 3D's proven 3D measurement technology is now better than ever with  features that enhance every measuring job!

FLEXIJET 3D - "Next Generation" HARDWARE

The "Next Generation" Flexijet 3D system will be similar to the existing Flexijet 3D that has given reliable measuring results over the past decade but with improved componentry and significant new features that make this the best Flexijet 3D ever! The most obvious is that it has been totally re-designed into a modern sleek device that now incorporates stainless steel into the body structure. The laser distance meter is now integrated within the motorised measuring head and will be powered from the main internal battery supply, doing away with the previous AAA batteries. The new integrated 7" touch display will enhance measuring work flow by enabling the user to easily switch between measuring and CAD commands thus reducing trips to the laptop to change commands there. With the new integrated 5MP camera, you can now take photos of the measuring site and link these to specific measuring points as well as using the camera cross hairs to target measuring points. Recording audio notes is another feature that has been added and along with the camera photos, will greatly improve site documentation. Bluetooth communication to the laptop has now given way to the more reliable WiFi communication protocol and motorised movement to target points is once again accomplished through high-performance, high-dynamic engines.

Once again, activation of measurements with Flexijet 3D can be undertaken via the touch sensor on the device, with the remote control or by pressing a key on the laptop. The integrated inclination sensor ensures fast and precise horizontal alignment so that measuring can begin in the least amount of time. In the event the device is accidentally knocked during the measurement process, a warning will be given through the integrated shock sensor. Flexijet 3D can be referenced to previously measured points enabling continuation of the measurements process. Performing continuous measurements from different locations is therefore easily accomplished by allowing  measuring around an entire site and on different floors resulting in the generation of a single 3D drawing. Flexijet 3D comes with a rechargeable battery so that work can continue uninterrupted. Average battery life is around 8 hours, dependent on motor usage.


The FlexiCAD software unleashes the power behind Flexijet 3D. It provides an intuitive interface that most users will find comfortable and easy to learn. If you have dabbled with AutoCAD or other CAD software, then you will quickly find your way around. Numerous CAD functions have also been developed that are specific to FlexiCAD allow you to perform quick and accurate measurements. FlexiCAD provides drawing elements such as points, lines, polylines, curves or splines. Other numerous functions such as measurement of windows, doors, pitch or sloping ceilings, staircases and calculation of areas are  integrated within the software. Pictures, text, instructions and measurements for documentation purposes can be inserted and displayed within the generated drawing. The final file can then be exported to many file formats such as DWG, DXF or IFC to name a few.

Features of the user-friendly interface include:


Professional CAD functions.

Drawing elements such as lines, curves, circles, points, splines, rectangles, images, texts etc.

Polar tracking, snap and grid functions.

Dimensioning with freely definable dimensioning styles.

Floor and space management.

Import and export formats such as DWG, DXF, JPG, XML.

User interfaces for staircase software Compass, Scala Treppen, TrepCAD.

Importing AutoCAD blocks.

Optimal user interface for CNC machining.

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