See how Flexijet 3D is used around the world to revolutionise site measurements.
The following case studies illustrate a qualitative evaluation of the expected efficiencies and savings in using the Flexijet 3D measuring system when compared to conventional manual methods.

Curved walls for joinery.

Balustrade construction.

Model a garage entrance.

Kitchen site measure.

Measuring curved walls with Flexijet 3D is a breeze. This example shows how a 3D model can be created in little time.

Staircase measurements are accomplished with ease. Here a staircase is measured for balustrade fabrication.

No measuring task is beyond Flexijet's ability. Here a garage entrance is measured during site construction.

Waiting to catch a flight and don't think you can do an urgent site measure? With Flexijet 3D you can do the extraordinary!

Patio canopy.

On-site positioning of walls.

Floor levels scan.

Staircase railing.

Measuring an area for a metal & glass canopy to fit against a curved wall.

Using Flexijet 3D to project points on site to show the installation position of prefabricated modular walls.

Need to determine the levels of a floor? See how Flexijet 3D can scan and show the variation in floor levels.

Template a curved concrete balustrade to construct a timber staircase railing? Its easy with Flexijet 3D.

Site measure dormer windows.

Fire damaged roof truss.

Projection of CAD points.

Asymmetrical curved staircase.

How do you measure 7 oval windows for reproduction & replacement? With Flexijet 3D precision of course!

Flexijet 3D is so versatile, it will handle any measuring job. Need to measure a burnt out roof truss? No problem!

Flexijet 3D can project CAD points to aid in installation. See how a mosaic pattern can be projected onto a large site.

Measure an asymmetrical curved staircase to replace treads and pony wall handrail.

Measurement of oak tree.

Balustrade on curved stairs.

Octagonal steel structure.

Bespoke apartment.

A project with a difference! Measure an oak tree to build a tree house with a stainless steel spiral staircase.

Accurate measurement of a curved staircase to fabricate a perfect fitting wrought iron balustrade.

A failed manual measurement attempt on an octagonal steel structure. Flexijet 3D to the rescue!

Flexijet 3D not only measures small areas & rooms etc, but entire apartments and buildings. See this example.

Measurement of decking.

Measuring the decking of angular odd shaped tourist lookout. An job made easy with Flexijet 3D.

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